Monday, November 17, 2008


Seriously, what is wrong with this city?
It is the middle of November, and I have not been able to wear a single coat yet!
(If you haven't noticed, I have a coat obsession.)
Just another reason to hate it here.
Ben and I are moving (1.5-2 years or so from now, depending) and have been trying to decide between my old town in Colorado, or Portland, Oregon. This is another point for Colorado. I want cold. COLD COLD COLD. I hate hot, I hate humidity, I HATE it. Really. I don't much like summer. It makes me want to sit inside in the air conditioning all day. UGH.

In other news, I just made a HUGE score on ebay:

The Nanette Lepore Secret Lover coat!
Sometimes I love eBay. Sometimes I hate it. I hate fakes. But that is another post entirely:)

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♥ Chloe said...

Very nice! I love that coat.

It's been freakishly mild here too, Shannon. It's a high of about 70 today and I'm not complaining. But as much as I hate snow and cold, I am also kind of bummed that I haven't been able to rock some of my jackets. My NL babies do make things more exciting for winter.

Soon enough, I'm sure.