Sunday, November 9, 2008


Poor Piper. She is not feeling well today.
I suspect that it is the treats I got her the other night. I ran (literally; I wanted more exercise) to the store to buy my husband some ice cream. It was a store I normally never shop at. They had a section of refrigerated dog food/treats. I guess the fluorescent lighting made me high or something. I eat organic food. I want to feed my dog organic food. But since the only ingredients were chicken and chicken broth, well, I thought "sure, these are okay." Yeah. Since I'm one of those people who can't leave a store without a small gift for my dog.
The treats smelled like those pre-packaged chicken strips for humans. Which I hate. But she liked it okay. She ate them.
And now, she is...squirting at both ends. I know that is not a nice thing to say, but I can't think of anything nicer. She's been good about making it to her litter paper for most of it, but she has thrown up on her cute pink bed twice. I need to call the holistic vet tomorrow to set up an appointment for her next shots, but if she gets worse I am going to demand a visit ASAP. I had to take her an hour away Thursday to see the vet affiliated with where we got her. It was required, which is good, but annoying, since it was far away and she is not so sure she likes the car.
She has not had an easy time. That vet said she needed ear drops (the wax tested positive for yeast, which means she may have an infection, he said) and she HATES the ear drops. She also shook them right out on Thursday in the vet's office. Right on to my new Marc Jacobs military style jacket. Argh.
I make it sound like life is hard for her. Yeah, right. I wanted to crate her at night, at least for now, when she wants to chew electrical cords and pee on new 100% silk comforters from Garnet Hill. (I have been using the same down comforter that my grandma gave me as a going away to college present. In 1997. I have sewn up so many rips in that thing, and it has not been white for years. Not having the heart to donate it, I put it in one of those XL zipper bags and into a plastic roll-y bin. But why could she not have peed on it? At least that I can machine wash.) The past two nights, however, husband puts her on the bed between us. Last night the following conversation occured:
HUSBAND puts Piper on bed.
ME: Oh, you want her to stay here all night?
HUSBAND: Ye-e-e-e-s
ME: I'm scared she will wake up and try to jump off the bed again.
HUSBAND: She will feel safe and warm here. She will be fine.
ME: I guess we need to get those doggie stairs now.
HUSBAND: okay!

So, he is totally spoiling the puppy. That's fine with me. I'm glad he loves her. But no, her life is nowhere near difficult. However, she seems stressed from all the ear drops, the upset digestive system, the cold...(for which my husband bought a dog heating pad...but it was my idea). Poor thing. I worry about her too much when I am gone.

In the past two days, her "lazy ear" has been standing up. Now she really looks like a chihuahua is supposed to look!
I am sounding like a crazy person, so I will end with two more photos:

Really not trying to show the world my husband's spare tire. But Piper climbed up on him and went to sleep. (And yes, that is the evil old TV in the background. It got to stay because I got a puppy, because "lonely dogs need TV." And it is a mess. I know.)

She really can sleep in any position. It is scary how heavy a sleeper she is. I want to photoshop a little drink into one of her paws.


Adin said...

Wow…. you are so kind to your pet…. He is really lucky to have an owner like you.

♥ Chloe said...

Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh- the last photo cracks me UP. Piper always looks so happy and blissed out. I'm dying!