Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am so guilty of "OMG, I have (insert event here) to go to and nothing to wear!"
then running out to buy something semi-nice. Meaning, I spend a decent amount of money, but end up with something that never gets worn again--not a favorite.
You would not believe the amount of this kind of stuff I have lying my closet, in drawers, in storage bins...
it's time to get rid of it! Lately I have been very discriminating with purchases...if I don't love something immediately (save for minor alterations like cami straps too long or pants need hemming) it goes back on the rack (or in the mail). I am sure I am not alone in buying things that are just "passable" because it is all I can find for a job interview (date, party, dinner with family, etc) or because it looked cute on the hanger or was on sale or whatever. NO more of that. Seriously, when I add up what I would spend on "just ok" stuff, and eliminate that (it's stressful, too, that last-minute dash), I have more freedom to buy better stuff.
And selling all that "just ok" stuff on ebay is fun, too:)'s to cleaning.

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