Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So...today I finally got in on the good stuff going on at gilt.com
They were having an Alice + Olivia sale, so I grabbed this:

(and I do mean "grabbed." I had to wait to see if it was even available, and when the little thing popped up on my email to tell me it was, I pounced.)

About an hour earlier, I decided to spend my bluefly credit balance and got this:

So, I am hoping I have a few dressier holiday things to do this year. I have not one, but two new dresses that I need an excuse to wear.

And finally, my Choos arrived the other day. You know, the ones that were supposed to be pre-order only, and charged/shipped on January 4, 2009. Apparently, store-not-to-be-named decided it was okay to charge me without notification, and then FedEx decided it was okay to just leave the box at my door. Hmm. Whatever. I know I am not supposed to wear them with yoga pants (on second thought, is there a wrong time to wear them?) but here is a photo (crappy, taken with my phone) for all it's worth:

Now I just need to keep up with the pedicures. Believe me, pedicures are not exactly a luxury for me. My feet are terrible, horrible, disgusting. And people see them all day--a lot of times, when demonstrating Pilates, I have to be barefoot. My feet are close to people's faces. Therefore, I have to try to keep my feet nice. The whole "feet-looking-good-in-shoes" thing is a side benefit:)

I just cleaned out my front room closet (again) and found yet another great pile of stuff to sell on ebay. I have a few more kate spade dot noel bags that I could stand to get rid of...the last one I sold brought in almost twice what I paid a few years ago. (Anything that isn't made anymore is potential ebay gold.)

And that's all for tonight. It's time for me to go formulate my plan for the next few weeks. I am tired of feeling sick and gross all the time.

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♥ Chloe said...

ACK NANETTE LEPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh. Sorry. I get a little too excited. I recognized the second dress you posted immediately. I kind of sort of...um...stalk most of her fashions. *whistles*

I love the Alice + Olivia dress. I'll have to live vicariously through you. I bought a Vivienne Tam dress from Gilt a few months back:


And haven't had the chance to wear it yet. I had it recently hemmed up a few inches (so it now hits way above the knee) and I promised myself I'd wear it to Levi's christmas party this year. No new holiday dresses for me. :(

Love the choos, too. Very hot!