Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sorry, I took these with my phone and emailed them to myself, so they aren't the best quality.

life is hard. so hard.

hugs for my sister

we love napping in the sun

Piper is Ben's baby. She sleeps curled up on me at night, but whines and sits by the door when Ben leaves and greets him ever so slightly more enthusiastically when he comes home. She loves me, but is more attached to Ben.
The day before we picked up Satchel, I read that female chihuahuas bonded more to their male caretaker. I cried and cried that both would be his babies and I would be their second love. I cried that I wanted a boy, a lap baby, and Ben was like, *sigh* "find a boy." (!!!)
However...Satchel will not let me go. She holds on to me with her little paws and follows me into every room. She has a pathetic howl when I leave (Ben recorded it) and prefers sitting on me to anything else.
She was terrified at first, and had to fight off Piper's "rough play advances." She seemed sad, and I was so worried about her (I will be until I take her to a second vet. Long story.) I gave her some fresh coconut water and about 20 minutes later we had a brand new dog. She wagged her tail, ran around the kitchen, played tug of war with Piper and a toy (Ben took video) and gave lots of kisses.
They are almost overwhelming...making messes, getting into things, crying for attention...but we love them SO much. They are so much love packed into tiny bodies.

I'm going to go cry now ;)


♥ Chloe said...

Yay for you guys! She is darling. :)

Kitty is Levi's baby through and through. Petunia is more my baby- she sleeps with me and follows me around. It's nice. <3

What's going on with Satchel's vet stuff? I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you guys!

Jenn said...

They are absolutely adorable! I love them! So cute!