Monday, December 22, 2008


I got home to discover that I had been out all morning (read: taught 2 Pilates classes, went to the gym) with my shirt on backwards and my tag hanging out the front. It was just a black Rebecca Beeson boatneck with the long sleeves cut to 3/4 length, but still. Great. I just taught 2 classes with my shirt on backwards. Only in my life.

Ben still has not gotten a call back. There are really only 2 1/2 hours left in the so-called "business day" so I am starting to doubt it is going to happen. I really don't understand...but I don't profess to knowing how people choose their employees. Which I guess means that I should not look to work in human resources, or else I would end up hiring people that management viewed as "the wrong people." Poor Ben, he has worked at the same place forever (no, really...since he was 18) so he really has no idea what the demeaning horror of looking for a job is like. You feel like you gave a great interview, but nobody calls. You truly are an intelligent person, but you give a stupid answer (usually to a stupid question). You start to wonder if your past employer is getting revenge by trash-talking you (think it doesn't happen? Oh, I have personally seen/heard it. SCARY!!) I think looking for a job is one of the worst experiences EVER. There is nothing I hate more.

As for me, I have a HUGE decision to make before the first of the year (that is my personal deadline.) As much as I LOVE teaching Pilates, I LOVE being able to live in a decent place, eat organic food, wear nice things, and actually TAKE yoga and Pilates myself. (I guess this can be seen as some form of greed but I tend to view it as, "I like my life," but whatever.) Depending on what kind of thing Ben finds, or more importantly, WHEN, I need to consider putting off my teacher training and working on finding something that I don't hate. Preferably, this would be something that fulfills one or more of the following (the more the better):
1. Some movement involved. I don't mind office work if I can get up to actually do something, and not stay glued to a chair all day. Filing? Sure. 100% butt-falling-asleep data entry? NO THANKS!
2. Some use of my brain, my education, my nitpicky copy editing ability, or other intelligence-related activity. (I have been tempted to copy edit at just about every single place I have worked, but some bosses don't respond well to "I think you are using the wrong 'there/they're'" etc.) I studied about an equal mix of literature and writing, so either would be great, and no, selling books doesn't count.
3. NOT "BIG RETAIL." Okay, as much as I would love to work in a boutique or even a more "niche" store, I would hate working for a place like H+M, Borders, Best Buy...I've done it, and it sucks. I wouldn't mind Anthropologie, though. Hmm.
4. No food service. Uck, gross, bleh...and as much fun as bartending would be, I am an ex-smoker and would hate being surrounded by dozens of cigarettes all night every night. However, bartending would be preferable to big retail or data entry, smokers or not. I guess sometimes you have to make decisions.
5. Good perks would be nice, such as working at a spa or cosmetic surgery office and getting discounts! 40% off clothing doesn't count, because you buy three times as much as you normally would and actually lose 20%. I know I just did that math wrong...not trying to be accurate here, just funny.
6. The ability to dress fashionably, but not be forced to wear a suit. Why? Well, showing off great clothes would be a perk, but a dress code that requires suits would suck, as I don't own any and at this point I would have to buy them from some crappy place, and I hate spending even a dollar on something cheap that will fall apart. Besides, I can't even find a damn blazer without shoulder pads, and that is another story altogether.
...and so on.
I know I am being too damn picky, but it isn't like I'm a high school student looking for a first job needing only certain hours and not having a car to get to work and needing off every month for school stuff. Nope, just a girl who has done a little of practically everything, has a really broad college degree, and wants to do something useful to make money to buy yoga classes and car insurance and organic fruit and fancy clothes. Wow. Now let me go put that on a cover letter.

p.s. Neiman's gave me (ahem, my husband, since I am a wuss and didn't want to deal with it) a new pair of shoes. I hope these don't break...if they do, it means that apparently I am too large, or, yeah.

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