Sunday, December 14, 2008


Saturday morning, the stretch of Interstate 40-64 by our apartment closed down for construction that will likely take a whole year.
Last night, Ben and I walked to the store, and as we crossed the bridge, we looked down to see the completely empty stretch of highway. It was creepy. Interstate 40 is notoriously packed in our area, pretty much all day long.
Earlier today, I was walking home from the gym, and I crossed the bridge a few exits over from ours. I looked down and saw a large group of people just strolling down the highway. Maybe it was the desolate look of the stretch of pavement, maybe it was the song on my iPod, maybe it was the impending storm, but I started crying. Not a bad, sad cry, but one of those weird cries that I get when I suddenly know everything is going to work out. So as stupid as the comparison is, I thought, I can compare life to this highway. People are used to it being open, and they trust that they can jump on and get where they are going, even though there may sometimes be traffic, accidents, delays, idiot drivers. Now, we all have to get used to going around the long way, dealing with insane traffic, and extensive planning for even simple trips. Yeah, it's cheesy, but my life is like that right now. I'll have to work harder, deal with more inconveniences, and maybe take a longer way, but I'll get there. Dream job or no dream job. I sent the dreaded "second contact" and have heard nothing. I think I should have let it go. People either love that extra show of interest or hate it. Oh, well. What else can I do?

Anyway, tonight as Ben and I went jogging (yes, I actually got Ben jogging) I took the camera to get some shots of the empty highway before they begin construction tomorrow.

Of course, it started to pour down cold rain about 10 minutes into our excursion, so half the photos look...well, rained on.

And then there is me, rained on. (Hmm, did a very good job on my eyebrows, though. And didn't pay anyone a single dime! SO much better than they have been...the place I went to slaughtered them until I had almost none. EW.)

And finally, some adorable photos of the girls.

Devil child eats Ben's track pants. The red eyes are just a camera effect that I am too lazy to fix. Or are they?

Devil child eats the camera strap while I take her picture. And my big 'ol thigh. Yeah.

Too cute for words.


♥ Chloe said...

Yay! Pictures! The shots of the highway are eerie- and your eyebrows do look quite nice. :)

The cheesy-weird-not-sad cry usually comes on for me when I'm exercising. About once every few months I'll be amped up on the elliptical and listening to a reeeally good song and thinking about things and then I find myself tearing up. It is so strange how that happens.

Of course, it happens a lot less now that I'm on medication that tends to prohibit emotional outbursts. It's so funny how much more seriously Husband takes me now that I don't cry as much anymore. When I do cry now, it completely freaks him out. Before it was like, "Oh, there's Chloe crying at a dog food commercial AGAIN..."

Poor guy. :P

Things will be okay, Shannon. :)

shannon said...

Creepy. I do the same thing at the gym. And then I hope nobody notices.