Sunday, December 14, 2008


Pictures of my girls:Satchel just after a bath.
This is the famous Satchel face. She makes it all the time.
Piper in "attack mode"
Photoshop 5 second hack job of Cosmopolitan drinkin' Satchel
"Don't mess with my sister. I'll get you!"
Sorry to show you my husband's boxers and rolls, but I had to show you that she sleeps INSIDE his shirt...
Satchel asleep. I had to contort myself into a weird position in order to keep her there and still take the picture. YOGA!!!!
She thinks she is helping.

More sleepin'


I have to share these. These are of a very fat chihuahua named Gabby, who lives with my mom now. (She was skinny 10 years ago when she lived with me at my first college apartment. Now she gets WAY too much human food.)Gabby at home. Big girl!!

Still a beautiful, gorgeous girl!!!!

And finally...hangover Piper:


♥ Chloe said...

Awwww, too cute Shannon! I love that Piper sleeps inside your Husband's shirt (and your hubby does not have rolls!). That is just too adorable! I wish our two chi's would snuggle- Petunia is a snuggle baby, and Kitty has personal space issues (and doesn't snuggle with ANYONE except Husband- no ifs, ands or buts). Petunia would snuggle up with a stinky homeless person, as long as they occasionally pet her on the head. LOL.

TeeZee said...

aww cuteness overload! Your puppies are adorable. I really want a dog, but we'll have to wait until we live closer to work (right now I refuse to move to the suburbs) and we have a house so it can poop on my own carpet and not on the landlord's.