Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I spend a lot of money on Amazon.com, so it comes as no surprise to me that they send me several emails a day, letting me know about their next sale, code, or deal.
The one in my inbox this morning started with "$25 off crocs!..."
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? You mean that there are crocs that people would pay more than $25 for? And that they cost enough so that even with $25 off, the company would make money? I had to see this for myself.
So I clicked on the graphic and found this. Wow. I am sure that I spend what people consider "too much" on things that people would find "too ugly." And this is just my opinion, but the classic croc is just about the most disgusting thing on earth, and I don't care how comfortable it is. (My ugly vs. comfort tolerance stops with MBT shoes, and only for walking or jogging.) But taking the croc and making it furry? Oh. Oh no no no. That is worse than my college (remember it was 1997 guys!) era Doc Marten's sandals with wooly socks phase. Maybe even worse than the current trend of girls-who-should-not-be-wearing-gym-shorts-out-of-
I know I might be crucified for this one. A lot of people LOVE these things. I know they made a new line of shoes that is nothing like these monsters. But I can't help but wonder...are these so popular because people like them, or because they are just a huge trend?

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♥ Chloe said...

They are popular because people like them. I know this because Levi actually has a pair, much to my mortification. I'll never forget when we first started dating and he showed up in them. Okay, so his aer a deep navy blue so they don't look so "croc" like, BUT SERIOUSLY COME ON THEY'RE CROCS. ICK! ICK!!!

He swears they're the most comfy things ever. Since he had received them as a gift from someone before we got together, I allowed him to keep them. Had he tried to buy them after we had gotten together, though, there would have been no freaking way.

Anyway. Because he has Crocs, I have Uggs (which he can't stand). Uggs are stupid but my god- I'm not going out into a cold snowy day without them. No way. I never understood the hype until I tried on a pair. *hugs Uggs*