Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm going to admit that I freaked out when I realized that $80 Brazilians every 3 weeks were a thing of the past, at least for the time being.
I am hair-phobic when it comes to certain, um, areas. I mean, I don't want to look like a 12-year-old, but I have been in enough locker rooms to know that a full Afro between the legs is not attractive.
Shaving is irritating and lasts about an hour, and Nair actually burns my skin off. So I saw my waxing lady pretty often. And it is not cheap.
How sad I was when I thought, "Time to call Sarah!!!! Oops, can't. Darn it."
So I went to Target (I know, I know) and bought this little guy. For $19.99 (1/4 of the cost of a Brazilian!) I wasn't expecting much...maybe a nice tool to touch up knees (the place I always shred with a razor) or the stray toe hair (shut up, you have them too!) or whatever. But I came home, put 2 batteries in, tried it out, and...I'm amazed. Really. It was a bit painful, but come on, so is waxing. I am not super-hairy, so I didn't have to attempt to use it in too intimate an area, but it really did get rid of the hair. (I love how people in the "customer reviews" are like "this was my first electric razor, is it supposed to hurt so much?" Um, no, it's an epilator, which is a totally different thing. Hee!!)
I won't lie-it was a bit more painful than a Brazilian, because it was slower and I had to do it myself. However...even if I run the batteries out each time I use it, the thing cost 25% of ONE Brazilian wax and the hair is gone. Gone enough that I would wear a bikini tomorrow, or next week. Best thing is, I can keep totally hair-free, because I can do touch-ups any time I want.

I'm so easily amused sometimes.


Shasta said...

I cannot believe that damn thing works! I'm going to go to Target and get one asap! My waxer just moved so I have to try this out because I'm not going to spread legs again for a stranger.... Darling is relieved to hear that.... : )

shannon said...

Haha, it isn't the best thing in the world. They have a bigger "better" one for about $50 but I felt guilty even being in Target so I got the cheapie. At least it will work until I can go to my waxer again.