Monday, February 23, 2009


You really can't tell, but it's a gorgeous mauve-y lavender.
Too bad I downed the wheatgrass juice Ben made for me before taking the was a beautiful emerald green (sometimes it has more yellow in it; today, it was pure green!)

fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice
E3Live blue-green algae

The only thing not organic was the is IMPOSSIBLE to find organic papaya, and even though I hate that, I love papaya and I love what it does for me, so it stays.

And yes, I do like to drink my smoothies from a wine glass. Classy, eh?


♥ Chloe said...

Very classy! You're making me thirsty- that smoothie looks awesome.

What do you use to whip up your smoothies? That doesn't look like the crudeness that comes out of a regular blender...

Tanya said...

we should try using those ingredients in a smoothie. Boyfriend is the one making all the smoothies on the house, but he's boycotting our crappy blender (he fights with it every time he tries to use it), so I, too, would like to know what you use for your smoothies. (please don't say VitaMix... my wallet can't handle it!)

shannon said...

Sorry is indeed the VitaMix...I bought it with part of year's tax refund. It definitely "chews" the fruit for me (since I can't chew or digest pretty much anything) and makes the best smoothies ever. I figured after breaking 2 or 3 $50 blenders a year, I needed to invest in a good one.

shannon said...

OOh...Tanya, watch eBay for deals. I "bought" mine on eBay. I use the quotation marks because really, I paid for it through eBay/PayPal, but it was shipped straight from VitaMix new in the was just last year's model.

...And then I had to drop another $100+ for the new BPA-free container. *sigh*

Tanya said...

lol damnit!! pretty soon I'm going to run out of reasons not to buy it :/ thanks for the ebay tip. I'll be watching for it, esp. since it's looking like live/ebay cashback might be back.