Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was really, really excited to see Foley & Corinna on a few days ago.
In November, I really, really wanted a Jet Setter Jr. but could not find one that did not have (barf, gag) gold hardware. Sorry, girls, I know you love it, but with my coloring and my jewelry, it just looks tacky. Like orange. Looks great on some people, but on me? EEECCH.
Anyway. I settled for a different cream-colored F&C bag, called ... the City Clutch... maybe? I can't remember. I just remember immediately sending it back because it was UGLY. Just gross.
And then I was sad. Especially since I am now supposed to be doing a lot of NOT shopping and instead paying rent and bills and all those fun grown-up things. I would NEVER own a F&C. (Not that it matters. I know.)
Well, all that changed the other day. See, months ago, I ordered a dress from Gilt and had to return it (stupid vanity sizing; what, am I supposed to shop in the children's store now? ugh) and since they don't actually return things, I had a big ol' store credit. So I scored one of these:

Bonus if it is big enough to carry all my work crap. That would be sweet!!
So...FREE (well, like free, since I really just used an old credit that I never would have gotten a refund for) spring bag. Hooray for me!!

And yet somehow I still feel guilty. Go figure.


♥ Chloe said...

Nice! And yes, it will be big enough to carry all of your work crap- that bag is huuuuge, I have it in fuschia. With gold hardware. Hee hee. :X

Tanya said...

Ooh I really wanted a F&C bag last year but I always worried about the size. I heard they're huge so I didn't want to buy it without seeing it IRL first. Please post some modeling pictures when you get it. I'd love to see what it looks like "on".