Friday, February 20, 2009


Nope. I really don't care about Fashion Week. I'm actually kind of sick of dressing up for work and am back to drooling over stuff on and Such is life.

Now pick your chins up off the floor.

I've been doing a lot of yoga. As much as my body can handle. I've also been taking some shitty phone pictures of my girls, because my husband broke the camera.
So enjoy. Soon I might actually try to ... you know, WRITE something...

Oh, and I changed my profile photo. Please ignore the background of piles of clothing on top of all FOUR dressers that I own. Yes, those are full as well. Yes, I know I have a problem.

Finally, puppy pictures

those EARS!!!!
Satchel the Chihuagi (mostly Chihuahua, a little bit o' Corgi) is going to get BIG around the middle, I can tell. The pink nose is history, but the blue eye is here to stay:)

You are looking at my ears, aren't you?!!??!? Stop! I KNOW they are HUGE!!!


♥ Chloe said...


Piper's ears. Ohmygoodness. Does she like having them rubbed? Both Peets and Kitty looove having their ears massaged. It's so silly. :D

shannon said...

YES! And she makes ridiculously cute noises when we do.
Satchel, on the other hand, is a belly slut.