Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is Gabby. She used to be my Chihuahua. My first Chihuahua. She and my stepdad fell in love with each other when my parents were puppy-sitting (it really is a cute story, but a long one) and now she lives with them. She has also gained about 8 pounds since moving in with them...yikes! (she was 4 pounds before. So 8 is a LOT.)
I bought this little sweater on ebay in an XXS when we very first got Piper. Somehow the people sent me a S instead, and since it was something ridiculous like 4.99, I just gave it to my mom for Gabby. She finally put it on Gabby last night and sent me this ridiculously adorable picture.
Gabby is getting old. I know Chis can live 15-18+ years, but she will be 10 next month and it makes me sad to think of the day that my mom comes home and Gabby is forever asleep. She doesn't like to admit it but that dog is her baby now. And her husband's baby. It's heartbreakingly cute.
I miss her. She still knows who I am and gives me kisses when I come over. I tell her all about how I brought her home and she screamed all night long and she was only as big as my dad's bag of Steak'n'Shake oyster crackers. How she used to sleep next to me, under me, on top of me, when I was lonely out in Shitfield (oops, I mean Springfield). How I ran her to the doggy ER several times because she stuck her tongue in an electrical outlet (advice: use all baby precautions with a dog...even an adult dog) or because she found her way into a box of baking chocolate (super jumping Chihuahua that can also open cabinets with her paw). How I would come home to a living room full of trash after she broke out of the toddler gate and found the trash can.
I miss her. I would steal her back if she liked other dogs (she does not) and I need to start seeing her more often because I have no idea how long she will be around. She is so happy...she still plays, runs (or tries to, the little fatty!), and gets excited to see me. However, I feel like a dog will do all these things even when in pain and I hate that. It makes me so sad. So I hope Gabby's little legs and heart can carry her through many more years, because even though I know a dog's life is shorter than mine, I don't want to have to think about it yet.

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♥ Chloe said...

Awww, what a great post. I just love chihuahuas and I make absolutely NO excuses for mine. Are they barky? Yup. Are they yippy? Sure! Do they hate little children? You bet! But they're my babies with hearts as big the whole world. Kitty always knows when I'm not feeling well and comes and sleeps on me, Petunia is always there to jam her tongue up my nose. I just love them to bits.

Gabby sounds like a wonderful little dog, and that picture is darling. :)