Friday, January 16, 2009


Yeah, it says "THE SQUEAK" now, for several reasons...mainly, "THE SCOOP" referred to a Pilates term and that little era of my life is (thankfully) over, and because I'm "squeaking" by (hahahahaha, get it?) and a few other reasons not really worth mentioning, but come on, my blog names always suck and I constantly have to change them. So, yeah.

I am in the middle of cleaning the entire apartment, since I have decided we are most likely going to be staying here anyway. I refuse to start a new job with a messy home where I am unable to find my shoes, my bra, my whatever-I-need when I need it. It has gotten out of hand. I keep selling crap and I still own too much stuff, and at this point I feel like I am cleaning one room by shoving shit into another and then going into the second room and cleaning it by shoving the shit into a third. Oh, crap.

Now...job updates. Ben finished his system training for his new job the other day and started actually working at a different location (his is not open yet) tonight. He just got home and I had to laugh at what he was wearing on his jacket:

(Yeah. Really good job I did blurring the name of his company there.)

I laughed at him for the whole "team member in training!" blue ribbon. Oh, man. But you know, he is proud of it, and I do understand. But it's still funny.

I know, it's mean to laugh, but I think I am still in shock that after too many years of college, too many majors, and too many shitty jobs, I finally got one that I wanted. One where I don't have to wear a name tag or a bright yellow standard-issue men's size large polo with bright embroidery that MUST BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES even though it is 3 feet too long and there is nowhere to put all that fabric. One where the staff is small and I am actually recognized and given real responsibility, beyond making sure that the chips are stacked evenly.

So. More details. Still no names, because I want to start before I start writing about it!
Forgive me if I repeat anything...
I will be working at an upscale pet boutique and wellness center. They have a pet spa and carry Juicy Couture pet clothing and accessories among about a million other things (okay, I exaggerate) but I am so excited...I think we are the only place in this city that carries the JC pet stuff! I am starting part-time but will basically be retail manager in three months if all works out (meaning if I like it and the owner likes me...but I doubt I could dislike it, and she did talk to me long enough for my meter to run out, and she DID hire me, so...). I will probably be writing the newsletter and starting a blog...and of course...I will be working with pets (mostly dogs!) all the time. So yeah. I might be a little excited. If I had to pick one thing I kick ass at, it is retail management, as long as it is boutique-type and not big box (no thanks to wal-mart, target, or walgreens type places). I can't lie. I think I was a pretty sucky Pilates teacher. But who cares? WORKING WITH DOGS!!! HAPPY DOGS WHO ARE SHOPPING!!!!


And now that it is past midnight and my husband is home, I am going to go hang out with him for a while before crashing. Tomorrow is more cleaning and working out, Sunday more of the same, and I start work Monday...I'm scared. My last real job (not Pilates or copy editing done at home) ended in August 2006 when I went back to school. It was Trader Joe's. I hated it. Just working again is exciting but scary. We'll see how it all goes.

Aaaaaand I wanted to take photos of my work outfits, but my stupid camera is broken:(
WHY WHY WHY WHY?????? Totally unfair.

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Your new job sounds super fun and exciting. Yay for you! :D