Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay, I might not have one every day, but I will try to post "Cheap Tips" often.

Let's talk about shampoo. Many people don't give it a second thought--they just toss Suave or whatever into the cart along with the groceries.

I tend to be a shampoo snob. For one thing, my hair really does respond differently to different products. I do color my hair, and keeping it nice is important. Most importantly, though, I am sensitive to EVERYTHING and I like to keep my household paraben-free (er, thyroid issues, long boring explanation, don't ask...but for the record, it's ME, NOT MY HUSBAND who is so picky about these things...oh, anyway...). Finding a shampoo without parabens, soy derivatives, or fragrances I am allergic to (which are not very specific...it is all trial and error for me) is near impossible, considering that it also has to work on my hair and not smell like ass (I hate shampoo that smells like the hairspray I used in the 90's).

Wow, that is a difficult list to fulfill when being cheap. Right? NO! Actually, I will continue to buy my favorite brand and not try to find a cheap replacement. How the hell is that a cheap tip, you ask?
Use half as much as usual, and dilute it. Really. A full handful is excessive and can even dry out hair, even if it says it is "moisturizing." I have been experimenting with just how little I can use, and I have found that I was using more than twice as much as I needed. Yikes. Now it doesn't seem so expensive anymore (especially considering that my husband uses so much crap to spike his hair up that he goes through shampoo like it is water, even though he uses the semi-cheap stuff...it adds up.)

And I still swear that organic virgin coconut oil mixed with one organic egg is the best deep conditioner, and far cheaper. But maybe that's just me.

Enough rambling, I guess this was supposed to be short (a tip, not an essay). Er...tip giving FAIL!!!

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