Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We live in an urban area. I love that! What I don't love is that living in an urban area sometimes means your "neighbors" are actually restaurants, clubs, office buildings, or, in our case...a nursing home.
I know.
Nothing wrong with the residents...but I question the sincerity of the employees. Not too long ago, my car (more on that some other day) was completely vandalized, the stupid cheap $200 alpine stereo ripped out...via ripping out the entire dash console. Over $1000 later, I have a new window and a new dashboard, but my A/C and sunroof still don't work, and I still don't have a stereo. (Want an alarm first, confused as to what kind to buy...?)
No less than seven (and probably more) cars in the parking structure have been vandalized and/or broken into, including my husband's car (twice!). I got pissed and hung up flyers. Neighbors approached me with their stories. One man who drives and ambulance and parks right outside when he works this area told me he saw a kid in scrubs come out of the nursing home and try to sneak in the parking area here. (Let it be said that we live in a "nice" area. I have lived in many different parts of this city, and in my experience, break-ins do not occur in "bad neighborhoods" but in neighborhoods where people have good stuff.)
Yeah. Just the kind of people I want to take care of Grandma and Grandpa.
Which brings me to the stupid idea of the day: Make a haunted house for incapacitated elderly people.
Right out my living room window is the ugliest Halloween display I have ever seen (I could go into how much I hate those stupid lawn balloons, but I won't).
Bloody zombies, bats, all kinds of stuff. And either a "spooky sounds CD" or a scary movie, along with colored lighting and a strobe light, playing on a loop once it gets dark.
It just doesn't make sense to me, and I feel sorry for the residents.

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