Thursday, October 30, 2008


Before my husband moved in, I didn't have a TV set.
I had a computer that played DVDs, and that was enough for me.
Along with husband came a huge Brainsuckingbox, and even thought we only use it to watch DVDs (no cable, and nothing works without it, besides, I loathe commercials) I really dislike having the thing.

Why? It makes it too easy to eat in front of the TV, lay around, and do nothing. A waste of life. I mean, I may have one or two shows I am addicted to, but that is what TV on DVD and itunes are for. Right?

So tomorrow, this baby is going into storage. My husband is losing his PlayStation abilities, but I told him that if, after a few months, he is dying without it, we'll bring back the TV...or just buy him a smaller one he can hide on his side of the bedroom.

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