Thursday, October 30, 2008

#%$&** @!!*%) @*%&^_!!!!!!!!!!????!?


Okay, if something like 70% of Americans are overweight, someone please tell me why in the bastardtastic freaking hell every single thing is always sold out in the 0, 2, or XS?


♥ Chloe said...

Because designers don't make as many 0, 2's, or XS's because most people are overweight. They make the most in sizes they think will sell- which are the bigger sizes.

I feel your frustration. :X

shannon said...

i know...but they need to wake up to the pattern here...

Shasta said...

OMG!!!~!! This is the funniest thing ever and so damn true! My bff and I were just having this telephone conversation... it went like this

me: "I just got 3 pencil skirts online, one from banana republic size 00, one from old navy size 0, one from the gap size 0. They are all huge. Huge, those idiots have no consistent sizing... now I have to get everything altered! Damn it"

bff: "WTH! I am so tired of not being able find anything small enough! (long pause)..... most American women hate us right now for having this conversation, and we have no clothes that fit...."